Future Pinball - Indiana Jones


The adventures of Indiana Jones, on a pinball table



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Future Pinball - Indiana Jones is a pinball table for Future Pinball, a tool to create and edit virtual pinball tables. This program gives you the chance to enjoy the classic 'Indiana Jone: The Pinball Adventure' machine right from your computer.

This virtual machine, in addition to being pretty much identical to the original game, includes tons of sound effects taken from George Lucas' movies. You'll hear the voices of Short Round, different Nazi enemies, and of course Indy himself.

As you can expect from all Future Pinball tables, the physics involved are flawless. Hitting the ball from one side of the screen to the other is a pleasure, and even better if you are able to access some of the different missions hidden within the table.

Future Pinball - Indiana Jones is the definitive Indiana Jones table for fans of this saga by George Lucas. In fact, you'll find three different versions of the game in the file that you download, including one of Lego Indiana Jones.

You'll need to have Future Pinball installed in order to install the table.

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